Gameplay Systems!


I craft moving experiences: virtual reality jetpack physics, diegetic interfaces, and tools for creativity.

In this Action-RTS VR title, engage with toys that have come to life by commanding the battle from above, or shrinking down to toy scale to fight. The completed game is under development.

As Lead Gameplay Programmer at Shadow Shrimp Studios, I created all of the unit AI, player-shrinking powers, diegetic UI interactions, and VR flying combat featured here. In addition, I implemented locomotion using my Moon Motion Toolkit and built the hex-based level creation tool.

One small step for room, One Giant Leap for room-scale.

My voyage into the virtual reality space began with a motion-controlled jetpack landing on the moon.

Fueled by the unique flying locomotion, One Giant Leap achieved 100% positive reviews in Early Access. This funded my pursuit of a virtual reality career. The game is set to release in 2020.

The booster jet locomotion further inspired me to develop the open-source Moon Motion Toolkit, which modularizes jet physics, handles locomotion loadouts, provides player collision dynamics, and more. The goal of the toolkit is to create a standard for freedom of movement and locomotion customization.

Play The Moon Motion Zone on Itch now to demo the toolkit! One Giant Leap is available on both Steam and Itch.

  Project Mandelblot    

Mandelblot explores a new medium for artistic expression in VR:

Tilt Brush